Seizure Classification Teaching Module. Is it Epilepsy?

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Seizure Classification Teaching module

The ILAE Seizure Classification Committee recommended several changes to the nomenclature of seizures, and the ILAE accepted these recommendations in 2017.

The EpiNet study group has decided to adopt the new seizure classification, and we have therefore developed a teaching module to ensure that all investigators are familiar with this classification. Dr Bob Fisher has provided a series of case summaries (both adults and children) encompassing many of the different seizure types. You are invited to assess the cases and state what the correct seizure type is. Feedback about the cases is given as you progress through the cases.

We encourage all epileptologists, neurologists, and paediatricians who treat people with epilepsy to assess these cases. Anyone - not just EpiNet investigators - is welcome to participate. Doctors (physicians) who would like to participate in the EpiNet-First trials will need to complete the Seizure Classification Teaching Module if they did not complete the earlier Accreditation study.

We anticipate that it will take 45 - 60 minutes to complete the cases    

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EpiNet Validation Study - Is it Epilepsy?

Earlier, we prepared a series of 30 case histories of people who have had turns or blackouts of various sorts, and we asked neurologists and epileptologists to tell us whether they thought these patients had epilepsy or other sorts of attacks. 

This study has now completed and the results have been analysed and reported.

All doctors, except those who lived in New Zealand, who completed the assessment of the 30 cases before the end of March 2014 went into a draw to win a holiday in New Zealand. All those who completed this study before the end of 2013 got a bonus (ie second) entry into the prize draw. A further entry into the prize draw was given to EpiNet investigators who completed the study.

The main component of this fabulous prize was an 8-day self drive tour of the South Island of New Zealand, courtesy of Fine Tours New Zealand  (see this link

A taste of the South Island tour-PDF re tour

Airfares for two to allow travel to New Zealand were provided by the Julius Brendel trust.

Prize Draw

The prize draw being made by Dr Richard Frith, Chairman of the Julius Brendel trust. (Dr Frith is on the right of the photo, as you look at it, and Dr Peter Bergin, Chairman of the EpiNet study group is on the left.)

The draw was made on 28th April 2014. The prize was won by Dr Benjamin Legros from Hôpital Erasme from Brussels, Belgium. Dr Legros has been an investigator with the EpiNet Study group since 2010. He had registered over 500 patients in the EpiNet database by the time the draw was made.